Books about Visual LISP
Visual LISP Programming inside AutoCAD

Visual LISP was introduced as AutoLISP in the early releases of AutoCAD and became a favorite for writing advanced applications and macros.  For over 15 years this programming tool has been available and that has resulted in a large legacy of applications and utilities.  It has also resulted in a long list of books available on the subject.  When AutoLISP was first made a part of AutoCAD there were few references that explained this unusual language.  Today there are many and they range in depth from beginning through very advanced. LISP is considered unusual in that it only appears in specific environments such as AutoCAD and it utilizes a syntax involving prefix notation.  Much like the differences in popular hand held calculators, it is just a matter of getting used to it before it becomes a natural way to express something to the computer.

The following books, available at AMAZON.COM, are recommended for learning more about Visual LISP.

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