Books about VBA
Visual BASIC for Applications inside AutoCAD

The BASIC language has existed in one form or another on microcomputers since the earliest machines.  As such, there are many books available that teach the language syntax and structure, how to program, and how to use the various platforms for BASIC.  A platform of interest to many AutoCAD users is VBA or Visual BASIC for Applications.  VBA is integrated into AutoCAD, it is part of Inventor, and is a powerful platform for programming advanced applications and macros that will improve your productivity.

The following books are recommended for learning more about VBA.

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Note that all of these books assume you have been exposed to programming in the past.  Although some attempt to teach the rudimentary aspects of the BASIC language exists in these books you may find many of the concepts difficult if you have never programmed. Learning BASIC is not difficult if you are willing to spend the time experimenting or attending a generic class that will not cover any aspects of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD VBA Programming - by John Gibb and Bill Kramer

From the CADENCE Magazine "AutoCAD Masters Series" this book by Bill Kramer and John Gibb introduces and explores the VBA programming language inside AutoCAD 2000.  The book starts with the basics of the VBA interface and then proceeds to describe the AutoCAD Object system as seen from a VBA programmer's perspective.  Detailed examples teach how to access all aspects of AutoCAD and how to interface with other automation systems such as the Microsoft Office and Windows systems. There are chapters that will be useful to the master as well as understandable by the beginner.

AutoCAD 2000 VBA Programmers Reference - by Joe Sutphin

A masterful compilation that provides the missing programmer's reference for VBA.  If you feel the need for a hard copy reference that you can thumb through away from the computer while thinking about applications and macros, then you will find this book essential.  Joe explores more than just the standard VBA by looking deeper into the surface of the programming language.  This book is useful to both the beginner wanting a reference book and the expert wanting something that points the way into deeper aspects of VBA or Windows.

Using Visual BASIC with AutoCAD - by Andrew Roe

From the Autodesk's Programmer Series by Autodesk Press comes a book that introduces and explores the VBA programming environment inside autoCAD 2000.  Starting with an overview of how VB and VBA differ this book focuses on the aspects of programming the AutoCAD object system.  Many examples are provided that teach various aspects of the AutoCAD interface and other Windows features.  Well written for both the beginner and the master alike.

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